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“Dr. Karin Luise has the ability to connect to our readers in a one-on-one intimate style. We are always delighted to hear from readers who say things like "I feel like she is writing just to me."

Her popularity continues to soar as she has taken normal personal insecurities and other life-issues out of the emotional closet and made it OK to feel what you're feeling. Her rare ability to express compassion for the trials and tribulations of life is empowering to her readers - sort of like having a best friend or sister who always offers comfort and inspiration. Bravo, Dr. Karin!”

Eileen Gordon 
Editor-in-chief, Southern Seasons Magazine


"Dr. Karin is an angel that inhabits Earth. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found her when I did. She is so spiritually aligned, kind-hearted, tells you what you need to hear in a way that's expressed Mama Bear style, and gives you no way out BUT to achieve your wildest dreams. 

You need her in your life! I would recommend her to anyone 100%. That is, ONLY if you're interested in making lasting changes in your life ;)."

Kathrin Zenkina
Founder of Manifestation Babe 


“Karin blinks and you feel loved and seen. A few seconds into my first conversation with her, I couldn’t help but think, 'Can this woman see into my soul?' because she talks like she can – the eyes, the body language, the heart.

She makes you feel important simply by being in her presence.”

Kelle Hampton
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Bloom

Doctor Karin Bio Atlanta Transformation Self

Hi, precious soul.

I'M DR KARIN LUISE. Award-winning author, transformational life coach and free-wheeling rule breaker. I spent most of my life relying on the light of others to feel worthwhile. I followed the rules that told me live in fear, shame and insecurity. I gave up my personal truth to please others, and I was miserable.

After 2 divorces, 3 children and 1 PhD, I experienced a spiritual awaking. My inner being was no longer in alignment with my old way of living. In my heartbreak through, I healed my mind, heart and soul and expanded MY LIFE WITH WILD FREEDOM and real happiness. Now, I am called to help you find that too.

Let's do this.

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The Fatherless Daughter Project

Dr. Karin had an a-ha moment when she was asked to co-author this book as a clinician - she would need it too. Like millions of women who still experience pain from childhood abandonment, abuse, loss or addiction in their childhood home, Dr. Karin decided it was time to write the book that she wished she’d had when she was ready to heal herself.

Drawing on interviews from over 5,000 women who had either lost their fathers to death, divorce, neglect or outright abandonment, Dr. Karin Luise and Denna Babul wrote the handbook for daughters who were ready to finally understand how their past was impacting their present . . . and how to finally reclaim their own power.

You will be relieved to see yourself inside these pages . . . especially when it comes to how your fatherless issues went underground as you tried to cope and then erupted all over your future relationships. This book meets you exactly where you are.

Gabby Bernstein

“The Fatherless Daughter Project is a soulful guide to overcoming pain and loss. This book clears the pathway for life-changing recovery and deep personal growth.”

Gabby Bernstein
New York Times-best-selling author